The XX International Opera Competition “Lazar Jovanović” will be held from November 9th to November 12th at the Ilija M. Kolarac Endowment, located at Studentski trg 5, Belgrade.
    Kulturni element

    Čumićevo sokače 2
    11000 Beograd


    Hotel recomendation

    Friend of the competition is Hotel Envoy! For all competitors who need accommodation in Belgrade, “Lazar Jovanovic” competition is recommending this hotel. The hotel is brand new, modern, in the very center of Belgrade and just a 5 minute walk from Kolarac’s endowment.

    “A hotel that knows You
    Tucked inside the bustling cityscape, Envoy 4 star Hotel brings a fresh layer of charm to the historic Belgrade quarter. Located in the iconic Čika Ljubina street, a stone’s throw away from the central Republic Square, our hotel is the perfect hideaway for a modern traveller looking for quality and taste.”